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Beryllium Shovels & Non Sparking Spades

Non Sparking Shovel / Beryllium Shovel
Beryllium Shovel

  Length A (mm) B (mm)
Beryllium Shovel 1350 240 290
Round Point Shovel 1350 240 290
Beryllium Edging Spade 1120 180 280
Beryllium Trowel 335 210 130
Beryllium Round point Shovel
Round Point Shovel
Beryllium Spade, non sparking edging Spade
Edging Spade
Beryllium Trowel, Non Sparking trowel
Non Sparking Trow

Non Sparking Fork, Rake & Hoe

  Size mm Weight g
Non Sparking Hoe 130X130 1000
  200X200 1600
3 Prong Fork 200 1500
4 Prong Fork 320 200
Rust Cleaning Rake 335 210
Non Sparking Rake 350x100 1300
  450x120 1500
Non Sparking Shovel, beryllium spade, non sparking rake
All of the above non sparking tools are available cast from aluminium bronze as well as beryllium Copper. Please contact us for full info.